332032 gr \ white kitchen


A perfect white parallelepiped, a slight black groove which draws a fine pattern of squares. It’s nothing more than a kitchen, and, at the same time, a kitchen is not. It is above all a perfect form, which satisfies the spirit only by looking at it, so much is it accurate.

A formal provocation to what is considered the most solid and unmovable piece of furniture in a house: more a “kitchen container” than a real kitchen, created for those ones who wish to live the spaces in an abstract way, less conventional and more unique. Being so unique up to being itself neutral, it allows new inventions for each different individual.

Useless in its perfection, and unusual in the center of a room, it is actually the most useful of the domestic furnishings, the fulcrum around which the entire house develops, the heart of every interior.

A sober monolith of timeless shape, which can be installed indoors or outdoors, given its essential line and the material it is made of.

This perfect form suffers from multiple suggestions, the style cannot be attributed to any particular inspiration, if not to the free association of ideas matured in years of work.

We could cite the past or imagine the surfaces of a bathroom, but it would be useless to insist on looking for a point of reference, observing such a clean creation that it is complete without even trying to understand it.

The canonical elements of the hob are removable, interchangeable and incredibly free from any necessary pipeline.

What distinguishes this object from the usual kitchens lies in the absolute modernity of the system, which allows the interchange of the modules.

The induction hob can be positioned in place of the washbasin for example, and this, thanks to an innovative hydraulic solution, can be found anywhere on the counter.