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artisan translator, things made by hand but also by machine, customized but also the same as others, in wood but also in something else.

In the work of Simone Piva, space is conceived as an experience. The arrangement not only meets basic functional parameters, but advance toward an overall harmony which is not just geometrical, but of the very individual process of living and perceiving the space.

The relationship between the parts is grounded on their necessary mutual understanding even being each one perfect in itself. In the empty space, in the gap, in the silence between two objects, a re-signifying territory is generated.

The forms are self – referential, loaded with autonomus meaning; the volume is the predominant element of the environment, lending a strong energy to every object with the plastic force it imposes. The contours have the semplicity of the pureness, and build up spaces rich in vital power in spite of their sleekness.

Simone Piva is this and that, he lives the materials and governs them according to the situations and needs. Carefully observe the situations, experiencing these multiple worlds made of research but also of meetings.